Ancestral Seeds - Quebec Varieties

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If we could go back a century and visit our great-grandparents' vegetable gardens, we would probably be surprised by the immense diversity of fruits and vegetables. Nothing to do with the few varieties available in supermarkets. This is because we have lost the majority of vegetable varieties in barely a hundred years. With the industrialization of the agri-food system, they simply did not meet the characteristics required to be part of this new food environment, such as uniformity in appearance or resistance to long transportation. But with the challenges ahead, including climate change, putting all our eggs in one basket is probably not a good idea. Food biodiversity is a safe bet. Growing the Grand-Mère bean, the Petit Moineau tomato, the Montreal melon and the Mémé de Beauce tomato means rooting our food heritage here and discovering flavours and colors that many generations before us have perfected.

The seeds were grown in Montreal by the seed company Terre Promise without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers and were harvested and selected by hand. They are free of rights and reproducible.



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