Charm Adaptator Silver

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Step 1: Choose the base of your choice: chain or bracelet

Step 2: Get the number of Necklace and Bracelet Charm Adapter you need to create your dream look

Step 3: Have fun and choose your favorite charms!

Here is THE ''pièce de resistance'' from Ken & Jame to elevate and diversify your jewelry collection.

Our new adapter will allow you to put any charm on your necklaces and bracelets. You will then have the opportunity to match your hoops with the rest of your jewelry, wear several charms at the same time and tie your jewelry together to create the most beautiful effect.

The small mechanism opens and closes with a simple pressure of the fingers and will hold your jewelry firmly in place thanks to the small hook inside.

Dimensions: 8 mm (lenght) x 6 mm (width)
Sold individually, or in packs of 3 and 5
Designed by Ken & Jame in Montreal
Compatible with Ken & Jame products. We do not guarantee compatibility with other brands.

Silver 925: Waterproof.

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