Floral Wallpaper



Unique width of 25" which includes the excess needed to overlap the panels (0.5"). Be sure to check the width and height of your wall before ordering.

- A self-adhesive panel measures 24.5" wide by 98" high 

These different heights are also available by special order: 

48, 108 and 120 in.

Contact us by phone 450-904-2628 or by email [email protected] for more details. 

We accept special orders in store. 


All Artza products are made in Quebec, in Rosemont-Petite-Patrie in Montreal. The wallpapers are printed on an easy to install high quality removable sticker with a beautiful canvas texture. 

Since colors vary from one screen to another, it is impossible to guarantee that the color of your wallpaper will be identical to the one you see on your screen. You can make sure you make the right choice by going directly to the store to see the samples. 


A plastic spatula and installation guide are included with every order.


Be sure to read the installation guide and watch the installation video to learn more about wallpaper installation. 


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