Gold Everlasting Candles

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The Everlasting Gold Candle is the iconic bright, golden color that brings luxury and sophistication to any living space.

An elegant and unique steel oil candle that will not melt.

We understand how important it is to know that the products you burn in your home are clean, smokeless and soot-free, which is why Everlasting Candle uses only clean Pristine Oil®.
Light your candle, relax and enjoy the beautiful ambiance with the peace of mind of knowing you're getting the unforgettable wellness experience you deserve.
Gone are the days of saving candles for special occasions - with a candle that never melts, make every day special.

Product Highlights:
Made of steel
Will not burn out
8 inches long

(This item description only includes the candles but the Pampas vase is also available separately)

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