Incense Sticks - Pacific

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This premium incense is infused with the finest fragrance oils. The white dancing smoke transforms the atmosphere of a room in a few minutes.

This incense assortment is part of the Cascadia collection. Cascadia is a major mountain range in the Pacific Northwest. Home to some of the wildest landscapes, the sagebrush steppe and the vast forests are an area of ​​great biodiversity. On higher grounds, there are vast prairies, alpine tundra and glaciers, while at lower altitudes, coniferous forests line the slopes. This ecosystem is an area filled with the most beautiful wildflowers, filled with magnificent plants, and is a refuge for many animals.

Accents : Sea Salt / Jasmine / Sage

Burn time : 60+ min per stick.
Quantity : 15 incense sticks

Made in Montreal, Canada.

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