Home Fragrance Pear + Blackcurrant

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Anjou pear. Blackcurrant.
Plum. Tangerine.
Orchids. Musk.

Imagine yourself on a tropical island! Juicy pears, tangerines and plums, a few wild orchids and dried black currants. Combined with hot air warming the surface of your skin, this fragrance sets the tone for a dream vacation.

Ingredients: SDA 40B 200 Proof, Witch Hazel Water, Polysorbate 80, Blend of Fragrances & Essential Oils, Vegetable Glycerin.

Our home fragrances are ideal for refreshing your home in addition to adding more personality. Simply spray in the air or on fabrics for prolonged effectiveness.

Use it daily on your bedding, bath linens, living room furniture or any other textile to promote relaxation.

*Always test on a small area of ​​fabric before spraying the entire surface. Do not use on leather.

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