Turkish Towel - Kleopatra

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Originally used as towel in hamams (Turkish baths) for centuries, peshtemals are very versatile products. Lightweight and aesthetic, you can use it as shawl, tablecloth or simply as towel in the bathroom, spa or at the beach. An eco-friendly alternative to terry towels as peshtemals are highly absorbant and also fast drying, thus consuming less water and detergent.

Highly absorbant and fast drying, so it doesn't smell humidity like terry towels.
Lightweight which means it takes less space in your bag.
Handwoven with hand loomed tassels by local craftspeople.
Made of premium Turkish cotton which is known to be the best of its kind.

Material: 60% Bamboo / 40% Cotton
Size: 40x74" / 102x188cm
Care: Machine wash in cold water up to 40 degrees. Tumble dry at low temperature.

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