Wood Car

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This small car likes to drive around everywhere: on floors, wooden bridges, carpets etc. Easy to operate, the little hands will never get tired of playing with it

Zero emissions vehicle!

Dimensions: 95 x 48 x 45 mm (3.75 x 1.875 x 1.75 in.)

Weight: 75 g

Materials: Eastern yellow birch and beeswax

Each wooden board is unique, slight variations in the grain of the wood and its colour make each vehicle very special.

Recommended age: 3 years and over

Maintenance: A wooden toy can last several generations. Although capable of the greatest adventures, this toy prefers to stay warm and dry. Avoid contact with water or other liquids (such as blueberry jam) and wood chipping animals (such as beavers). Renew its protection with beeswax or other non-toxic ecological wax if necessary.

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